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Eldercare Experience

AI platform that digitalises the eldercare patient journey, transforming how nursing care is delivered and received. 

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All-in-one platform

Simplifying the Patient Care Workflow

Embrace a digital-first strategy to future-proof your healthcare organisation, amid a COVID-19 new normal and shrinking labour supply. 

We offer modular solutions catered to your organisation’s unique requirements.



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Patient Management


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Designed to give you the best care giving service through our advanced machine learning technlogy. 

We are looking to work with industry partners who interested in digitalising their workflow. Contact us for more information.

About Us
We are a digital healthcare solution provider that aims to deliver proactive and targeted care.
” We believe that everyone should have access to an affordable and high quality care service”
Elson Yong,

To provide a more affordable and advanced way to age

Nobody should be afraid of getting old. With our care and technology, we believe that our seniors should live their golden years comfortably without worrying their children.

Great Partners
Our healthcare partners respond every time with a big, warm smile.
We work with accredited eldercare centers and healthcare partners to develop safe and compliant AI solutions.

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STEP / 01

Our representative will meet you to learn more about your organisational needs and preferences.

STEP / 02

Based on your needs, our team will study your workflow through on-site observations and stakeholder interviews. 

STEP / 03

Our back-end developers will integrate our AI solutions with your existing organisational workflow.

STEP / 04

Enjoy greater productivity with reduced time spent on manual tasks with Famili’s AI service platform.

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